‘Safe Spaces’ Policy


This event is run on the insistence that all attendees will be respectful and thoughtful
to all other attendees, participants and organisers. This means no individual should be
made to feel uncomfortable or oppressed by any other individual’s opinions or
actions. If a discussion becomes personal, we trust that participants will keep what is
said inside the room and behave with kindness and consideration when responding.
We request that everyone allows space for other individuals to contribute. This means
that all participants should be considerate of how much they are speaking to avoid
dominating the conversation, and never interrupt other people who are sharing their
views. We also encourage participants to listen to views which are different from
their own, but feel confident in expressing opposition in a non-confrontational way.
We are here to learn from each other.
Harassment, hostility and aggression will not be tolerated in any form and if we feel
that you have overstepped these boundaries we will challenge this and you may be
asked to leave. If anyone experiences discomfort or concern about something that
happens at the event we encourage you to make one of the organisers aware in
whatever way you feel able. We will take any report of such behaviour or language
very seriously and you will have our support.
We hope that this event we be as inclusive as possible. However, we will always
prioritise those who have suffered from discrimination or oppression due to their
identity, background, age or (dis)ability. We recognise that people may have had
negative or harmful experiences of other peoples’ behaviour; therefore if you have
concerns about a specific person attending an event or feel uncomfortable with them
being there due to harmful behaviours in the past, let one of the organisers know and
we will ask them to leave.
We hope people of all genders, abilities, ages, ethnicities and sexualities will feel
welcome to participate in this event, therefore any form of discriminatory language or
behaviour is not acceptable.

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